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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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මුල් පිටුව ENGLISH Amazon Is Not giving Away Prizes As Christmas Gifts

Amazon Is Not giving Away Prizes As Christmas Gifts

A shopping site link purportedly of Amazon claiming that the e-commerce giant is providing exclusive Christmas gifts for its customers including 100 units of computer and mobile equipment, as well as 50 cash prizes ranging from $50 to $5000 has gone viral on social media. To redeem the gift, one has to click on the link and redeem the price.

Claim: Amazon is distributing 100 units of computer and mobile equipment, and 50 cash prizes.

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Sri Lankan Matrimony

Fact Check: SL Story News clicked on the links, which lead to webpages with a suspicious domain, “https://www.hrvpnhb.cn/index.php?app=christmas#”



The page showed Amazon Christmas Gift for which you have to click and open the correct gift box. It was written “More than 100 units of computer and mobile equipment, as well as 50 cash prizes ranging from $50 to $5000. All you have to do is open the correct gift box. You have 3 tries, good luck!” It further asked to take a survey to get a favorite gift for Christmas.

The survey had three questions, including their favorite Christmas gifts. On taking the survey it led to a page saying, “You can now open your gift box.”

There were 12 gift boxes out of which one had only three chances to find a box with a gift. The first two boxes show empty and the third box show a gift coupon worth $ 3,060. To redeem the gift one had to follow the instructions given on the next page.

Once you click ‘OK’ to claim the price, it takes you to another page where it asks you to send the link in five groups or to 20 friends on WhatsApp or LINE and inform them about getting the Christmas gift.

As the last step, one had to click and register the application and keep the site open for 30 seconds after registration.

On following the above step as instructed, a new tab opens asking to take a Browser Opinion survey and had four questions.

After completing the survey it took us to another page which showed to get a super prize one had to click on a button. One more thing to notice here was that despite refreshing the page several times, the number of likes, reactions and comments remained the same. Despite giving the answer it took us back to the same browser survey again and again.

Despite the instruction that one can play the game only ones, the link could be clicked again and again and every time it followed the same pattern and same gift. On calling Amazon customer service, they confirmed no such competition associated with Christmas is currently announced by the organization and the link must be fake. Hence, a spam link is being circulated on social media in the name of Amazon shopping site.


Sri Lankan Matrimony

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